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john martinek Pen and Ink
Pen and Ink
8" x 8 1/2"

This series of drawings is created from captured movie stills. Since any movie is made up of thousands of stills, there is a wealth of visual source information to mine through. Although many artists have used this kind of material over the years, my interest was mainly to pull out pieces and parts of different scenes to use as building blocks for new images. Once I had selected my model sources I wanted to compose the image in a loose and open way. This was done with multiple variations in thumbnail sketches. From these, I selected a final composition and began the process of composing and rendering it in permanent ink, which was one shot deal. The composition was formed, but I improvised and played within the details and on each particular mark. My intention was to achieve a highly structured and organized composition with a kind of freedom within each note – like a jazz composition with improvisation. These images are aggressive and the line work is intense with color intentionally left out. The content is connected to the original content, but is significantly compressed and rearranged. The resulting drawing captures my reaction to these moments of human interaction.