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John Martinek editorial cartoon Steve King
White Treads Make Deep Ruts
Ink and Acrylic on Paper
12 x 13
August 2018

For some people Steve King acts as a surrogate bully. They may or may not agree with everything he says, but they enjoy the fact that he is attacking and irritating liberals. When he lies or makes up "facts", they may realize he’s lying but wish the things he says were true. King is a big supporter of building the wall and is a white supremacist sympathizer at minimum. In addition to King’s portrait, this drawing contains castle wall parts, tractor tires, plows, soil, and linear drawings of asylum seekers. It’s an exploration of the concept of blood and soil (German – Blut und Boden) and the harm caused by this way of thinking about who “belongs” on this soil and who does not.