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John Martinek Iowa City Painting
Rear Avenue
Acrylic on Panel
12" x 11"
June 2018

I am attracted to and select things that are visually interesting and stimulating to me. In that respect an alley is full of life and energy and variation. Every alley is unique and different and full of history. The alley is a place behind the scenes, where the carpenters, electricians, and landlords don’t feel as much of a sense of obligation to tidy everything up. What remains is the history of different alterations, scars, cuts, baggage and evidence of a life lived. It’s the last stop for the garbage produced from life inside the building. It’s a shortcut from one block to another and where unseemly things reside. The alley exposes the truly naked building…as opposed to the façade…which is the building fully dressed in its best clothes